Our clients need to innovate and deliver fast, to high standards, with tight resources. We provide software design and delivery, and expert consulting to make sure they succeed.

For the past 10 years, we have been envisioning, designing and delivering custom software for our clients' toughest challenges. When innovation is critical, and failure is not an option, our track record says it all.

We mix cutting edge thinking, practices and technologies with tried and tested approaches to give our clients an edge: exciting new customer experiences, powered by the latest technologies, created in the simplest way possible.

We'll take on just about any challenge, as long as it has the potential to drive ambitious results: cross-platform mobile apps, high-volume digital channels, deep actionable insights through big data analytics, hairy legacy integrations, highly scalable and available systems, or simple standalone apps.


  • Java/JavaEE
  • Erlang/OTP — Massive concurrency, HA, scalability, faul-tolerance, ...
  • C/C++ — high performance computing, real time, ...
  • C#, HTML5, JavaScript, ...
  • Android, iOS
  • Spring Framework, Integration, Data, REST, MVC, etc.
  • NoSQL: Riak, RiakCS, MongoDB, CouchDB, Mnesia, Reis, Cassandra, HBase, HDFS, ...
  • SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer, ...
  • ZeroMQ library for comcurrency and message passing
  • MoM: RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, HornetQ, WebsphereMQ
  • More ...

We draw upon our software delivery expertise to help our clients see their toughest challenges through a different lens. As consultants, we go deep to explore both the symptoms and the cause, and we drive out new possibilities for the future — both "inside" and "outside the box".

We will advise on anything related to custom software design and delivery, as long as it leads to clear and actionable next steps on the path to achieving our client's ambitious goals.

Your best and brightest developers and architects set the bar for your development success. They mentor their team members and peers and keep themselves up to date with new technological developments. Instructors at the standard training companies can't compete, let alone train the best people you've got. How do you make your best even better?

You've tried sending people to conferences. Despite seeing many new and interesting approaches and technologies, it seems like there are too many loose ends to put into the practice the things they've seen.

It's time for something different

Our training offerings are interactive, intensive, and infused with real-world examples of software systems imlementations.


  • Software Architecture & Design
  • Advanced Distributed Systems
  • High Scalable Web Architectures
  • Building Highly Available Systems
  • SOA - A different approach that really works
  • Programming: Java, C/C++, Erlang/OTP
  • Big Data
  • NoSQL
  • Parallel Computing
  • Messaging
  • More ...