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  • WEST Web/Event-driven Systems Tool

    WEST is a simple and lightweight tool that enables easy development of distributed highly-scalable event-based systems, EDA based systems, giving properties such as: massive concurrency, fault-tolerance, horizontal scaling, high performance, and high availability. WEST breaks the traditional messaging systems with centralized model (Broker, ESB, MoM, etc.), implementing a real P2P communication system.

    See Demo!

  • DLS Distributed Logging Systems

    Track transactions around your different apps, using simple regular expressions, no matter how many apps and the size of your data. We provide distributed looging solutions, based on different Open Source projects like Riak, HDFS, HBase, Cassandra, etc. DLS provides bindings to different languages, such as: Java, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, Erlang, Scala, etc. If your languge is not available yet, we will build the biding for you. DLS's architecture is modular, customizable, if you need something particular Niagara can help you to build it.

  • iTrade Interactive Trade

    iTrade is a web application to enable people do business via web, easy, simple and pretty fast.

    • Apply to different business industries: Banking, Insurance, etc.
    • Users publish their needs associated to some category and then they will receive offers
    • Sales people subscribe to different business categories: bank, insurance, etc., in order to receive notifications when users publish their needs
    • Works like social network for business
    • Publish/Subscribe concept applied to business