Nigara Systems help you to convert your ideas into real productive systems.

What we do

Build Anything

Clean, testable and reliable code against the infrastructure components of your choice and accomplish any task — without re-inventing the wheel.


Innovative Solutions

We deliver modern next generation solutions, based on principles and rules that simply works, such as: keep-it-simple, isolation, concurrency, failure detection (fail fast, let other take care), fault identification, stable storage, messaging...


Open Source

Niagara is committed to the Open Source, is involved in different communities, different open projects and most importantly, is constantly creating and developing new open source projects.


Niagara Projects

We are on the cutting edge of technology...

From distributed apps, web apps to big data, whatever the infrastructure needs of your application may be, there is a Niagara Project to help you build it, if not, just let us know. Start small and use just what you need — Our solutions are modular by design.

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Today we live a terrible crisis in computing, vendors have flooded us with tools, methodologies and paradigms that just do not work, inhibit innovation. This is where Niagara arises, no only tools but engineering, this is what we need to re-discover today... "

author Carlos Andres Bolaños R.A. CTO — Co-founder